Rules & Regulations

By entering this event you are agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations section.

  1. You must be an Grassroots Trust Velodrome accredited rider to enter this event. 
  2. In the event of lockdown, all events will be run using the ‘Event Sector Voluntary Code’,  please follow all instructions given by event organisers and facility staff. For detail information what it means are each level, please read our Alert Level Guideline 2021
  3. To ensure the safety of all riders on the Grassroots Trust Velodrome and a pleasant experience for all who visit, please respect and adhere to the following track rules. 
  4. Understand that organising team reserve the right to modify the distances depending on entries. Also, entry requests outside the current entry criteria are at the discretion of the organising team.
  5. Age is the only entry criteria. Age is taken from the age the rider is on the first day of the event.



  • Helmets must be worn and correctly fitted at all times whilst riding, including on the infield.
  • Peaks on helmets are prohibited
  • Skateboard/BMX style helmets with no internal adjustment are prohibited


  • Please do not change anything other than seat height on Grassroots Trust Velodrome hire bikes
  • You are NOT allowed to change pedals


  • Spare sprockets on double sided hubs are not permitted 
  • Wheel axles should not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear axles should be sawn off flush with nut and filed smooth.

Electronic Devices

  • Watches are not to be worn while riding on the track
  • Riders must not carry objects on them or their bicycles that could drop onto the track
  • Cycle computers may be carried in a zipped rear pocket by the rider although it is not recommended
  • Cycle computers or any electronic devices with display must be hidden so it cannot be read by the riders – NO exceptions.
  • Music players or radio communication systems must not be used while on the track.

General Grassroots Trust Velodrome House Rules

  • Please avoid walking or standing on the track with cleated shoes as much as possible
  • No riding in the Life Fitness Zone area
  • No riding up or down the ramps that access the track – riders must get off and walk
  • The Cycling New Zealand pit area is out of bounds to all riders unless they are approved by Cycling New Zealand i:e Waikato Performance Hub riders
  1. There will be a $20 fine imposed for loss of assigned race number.
  2. No refunds will be given after the entry close date (TBA).
  3. Entries will not be processed until funds are received.
  4. All UCI regulations, including the code of ethics, apply to this event. Please refer to the UCI website for a copy of their rules and regulations:

The race organisers have endeavoured to make this event as safe as possible. Any concerns with race organisation should be first directed to the race organising committee, contactable at