Rules and Regulations

By entering this event you are agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations section.

1. You must be an Avantidrome accredited rider to enter this event.

2. You must abide by the Avantidrome track rules and etiquette:

  • Helmets must be worn when riding – including riding in the infield
  • Communicate with riders in your session
  • Feet must be secured to pedals
  • Enter on BACK straight and exit on FRONT straight
  • Please hold your line and always look before you move, and then only move if safe
  • Avoid overlap of a wheel in front when riding in a line
  • Only pass on the right
  • Do not leave equipment unattended on track
  • Ride above stayer’s line during warm up or cool down
  • No walking on the track with cycling shoes on
  • No cycling computers are allowed on the bike unless mounted under the seat
  • Keep the area tidy and remove all rubbish
  • Return furniture/equipment to where it belongs

3. There will be a $20 fine imposed for loss of assigned race number

4. Cancellation fee is $20 per race for cancellation less than 3 days before and during the event.

5. All UCI regulations, including the code of ethics, apply to this event. Please refer to the UCI website for a copy of their rules and regulations:

Specific attention is given to:

  • Secondary sprockets on the non-drive side of the rear wheel will not be permitted.
  • Three spoke front wheels will not be allowed in bunch events

Please do not offend if we ask you to remove these items from your race machine.

The race organisers have endeavoured to make this event as safe as possible. Any concerns with race organisation should be first directed to the race organising committee, contactable at

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